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Bombil/ Bombay Duck Full Fish 1 KG

Bombil/ Bombay Duck Trimmed 1 KG Net Wt.

Clams/ Shimplya/ Tisrya 1 KG

Halwa/Black Pomfret Full Fish 1 KG

Halwa/Black Pomfret Ready2Fry 1/2 KG

Halwa/Black Pomfret Steaks 1 KG. No Head

Halwa/Black Pomfret Steaks 1/2 KG. No Head

Karli/ Silver Bar Fish Steaks 1 KG Net with head

Khapri Paplet white/silver Full Size 1KG

Lobster/ Shevande 1 KG Full

Mackerel trimmed, you get 1 KG Net

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