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Why Estuary Fresh Fish?

Our Purpose

Estuary Fresh Food exists to address the supply of fresh, clean and good quality Sea Fish and Prawns in Pune.  One day prior ordering system based delivery of choicest fish. Estuary Fresh Fish is the perfect location to get a fresh and ready-to-fry product of the fish or prawn you love. Our goal is to deliver the freshest fish fastest to you. We help provide the convenience of delivery at home so that you don't have to step out and do all the hard work. Look around our store and tell us what you'd like to feast on. Estuary Fresh Fish will deliver the freshest fish fastest at your door tomorrow. Also do take a look at our Blogs section for some mouth watering mix of some time-tested and some contemporary receipes shared by us and our members. You too are welcome to share yours. We'd love it!

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Shipping, Returns, Refund

  • Shipping Policy - Orders received before 7pm will be delivered on next day noon. Exceptions will be communicated accordingly.

  • Cancellation Policy - Orders once placed cannot be cancelled.

  • Return Policy - Undelivered orders will need to be picked up if repeat delivery cannot be arranged. Please email or Whatsapp for any queries.

  • Refund Policy - We buy against customer orders and do not buy in advance. If ordered fish is not available for any reason, the amount will be refunded in 2 working days. Unaccepted and unpicked orders will be cancelled and will not be eligible for refunds.

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